Longevity Expo

April 8, 2017

Maple Grove Community Center | 10-5pm

The famous Longevity Expo returns to the Maple Grove Community Center on Saturday, April 8, 2017!

If you’re passionate about extending your health and happiness as long as you can, than the Longevity Expo is the event for you! 

Produced each spring, the Longevity Expo will bring you the latest products, services, and information to help you look, feel, and be your very best – at any age!

See up to 150 local and national exhibitors including: doctors, clinics, nutritionists, healthy cooking chefs, in-home fitness products, authors, women’s & men’s health, yoga, in home living, assisted living, financial planners and much, much more!

You won’t want to miss the show that everyone’s talking about. It’s one day only, and when it’s done – it’s done!

Featuring 2 stages of FREE speakers, seminars, and demonstrations running every hour on the hour.

Tons of shopping and free product sampling. Come early; stay late!

Admission is $6 at the door or FREE with a FOOD SHELF DONATION.



Free Balance Screenings!

Courtesty of RxFunction – Advanced Balance Technology

a new and unique solution to help patients with peripheral neuropathy who have balance problems


Free Blood Pressure Screenings!


2 Stages of Speakers, Demos, and Seminars Every Hour, On The Hour!


11:00AM – Why Can’t I Keep My Resolutions? Learn Easy Techniques to Make Changes in Life 

Presented by: Jason Jones

Jason JIt happens every year. We get optimistic about our future, our health, our money and our relationships. We make bold resolutions to change some things in our life only to find we haven’t done anything to make it happen and it’s February. Why is it so hard to make positive changes? Even good change is change and humans are naturally wired to resist it! In this hour you are going to get some tools to overcome this.

Discover how the way you think may be sabotaging your success Learn how to easily and systematically achieve you goals no matter how big Learn the difference between manifesting something and achieving something You will leave with a simple proven method to making positive changes in your life that stick!

Jason Jones is a certified business coach at The Coaching Hour. The Coaching Hour coaches and trains solo entrepreneurs with the tools and mindset to earn six figures in less than a year. https://thecoachinghour.com

12:00PM – Financial Wellness Checkup

Presented by: Christopher Yard

Stretching Wealth Wisdom to Worry Less and Live More. Christopher Yard is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER with Integrity Financial Group, an independent firm in Maple Grove. His practice is focused on helping pre-retirees and the recently retired develop strategies to achieve their retirement goals. Christopher has a bachelor’s degree from Minnesota State University, Mankato in Finance with a specialization in Financial Planning and Insurance. Christopher is from Maple Grove, and is constantly giving back to the community with his involvement in Maple Grove Rotary.

1:00PM – The Facts About Indoor Air Quality with ZEROREZ®

Presented by: Sue Marty

vector_logosOur indoor air quality is on average 3-5 times more contaminated than the outdoor air, and in some instances, as high as 70X worse! Learn the facts about indoor air quality and what you can do to protect your family and make your indoor air quality safe again.

2:00PM – Family Eating The Healthy Way

Presented by: Sakhet McConnell

vegetable-1085065_960_720Sakhet McConnell is the owner of NuAri Solutions. A dedicated public health educator, with expertise in fine-tuning health, financial operations and in implementing operational improvements. She has more than twenty years experience in the spiritual and community based organization in the Washington, DC, Bermuda and North Carolina.

Current project includes working to establish the Renaissance Community Coop in NE Greensboro, NC (food desert neighborhood)

This workshop will educate participants on developing a healthy food relationships; parent-child meal preparation, family food communication; and explore what’s in your kitchen.  Learn how to prepare low-cost. Develop new cooking and food safety skills. Try new nutritious foods, provide recipes. Learn how to read nutritional food labels. Find ways to eat out, healthy and less expensive.

3:00PM – Past Lives, Dreams, & Soul Travel

Presented by: Jennifer Exsted

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before? Or had a dream that gave you an insight into a problem or a relationship? Have you had an out-of-body experience? Join us as we explore these topics and share techniques for having these experiences yourself.

4:00PM –  Oh Lucy …  Humor is Good for your Health

Presented by: Natalie Heckert 

236411m2_tsOh Lucy….Humor is Good for your Health!

Jest what the Dr. order ….

Get your daily doze, Fitness, Food & Laughing

What health benefits humor and fitness have in common

Easy, fun ways to sneak in fitness, health & humor into your life daily.

Natalie Heckert’s high energy is contagious and she is passionate about helping you find quick, easy ways to embrace our differences, energize, excel and empower your life.  Natalie’s CEO of NATS (Nutrition & Aerobic Training Service) for over 20 years, lived in Hollywood for 3 years, Mrs. Minnesota pageant finalist, a mother of three children, a contestant on the Price is Right, auditioned for Oprah’s “Next Best Invention”, and trained Tracey Yukich while she was on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”.  


10:30am – Who Will Inherit The Mess?

Presented by: Chris Anderson

chrisChris Anderson is an Ameriprise Financial adviser and the founder & CEO of Generations Planning Partners. He uses a time tested educational approach while working with clients to thoroughly understand their current estate planning, financial, tax and health related goals before crafting solutions. Chris is known for creatively bringing parents and kids together in the planning process to assure outcomes.

Chris’ philosophy includes treating clients like family and recognizing that doing things right takes time and effort many other advisors simply won’t invest. Additionally, his reputation is based on showing the client the value of coordinating a team to include advice in Legal, Tax and all aspects of Wealth Management. Chris’ team of subject matter specialists implement comprehensive strategies in an easy to understand way.

Chris lives in Maple Grove, Minnesota with his wife Ann. He has four children: Sheena, Lucas, Austin, Karina and five grandchildren.

11:00am – The Importance of Better Hearing

Presented by: Eric Barrett 

highres-7The benefits of better hearing are both tangible and intangible, and only through experience can an individual determine which is more valuable. This presentation will briefly describe the anatomy and physiology of the auditory system to explain how hearing works. However, a greater emphasis will be placed on the importance of treating hearing loss and the numerous benefits associated with better hearing.

Dr. Barrett was born and raised in southeast Michigan, completed his bachelor’s degree in communication disorders at Central Michigan University and then went on to earn his doctorate in audiology at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. After graduating, Dr. Barrett spent his first two years working for the Starkey Hearing Foundation helping to deliver the gift of hearing and develop community-based hearing healthcare programs in developing countries around the globe. In private practice, Dr. Barrett strives to provide the best hearing possible for his patients allowing them to meet their goals and stay connected to their family and loved ones.

12:00pm – Advantages of Group Travel – Is it For You?

Presented by: Sharie Linke 

travel-background-1469438756vUGPack your bags and leave the planning to travel professionals. Traveling with a group can be extremely rewarding and can actually save you money. It also offers unique opportunities to share your adventures and experiences with others in a fun, educational and social atmosphere. During our time together, discover the advantages of traveling as a group and determine if it’s for you! There will be time to ask questions and get more information about finding the right tour for you.

1:00pm – Martial Arts/Self Defense

Presented by: John Yarwood 

mryarwoodMr. Yarwood is a 3rd Degree Black Belt, Certified Instructor and National Judge. He began his Tae Kwon Do journey in 2008 at Champlin Martial Arts training under Mrs. Kim Gaither 4th Degree Black Belt. He earned his 1st Degree Black Belt in 2010 and set his sights on opening his own studio. He realized that goal in September 2013 when he officially opened the doors to Yarwood’s Martial Arts in Maple Grove, MN. Since then he has been training kids and adults alike in the art of Songahm Tae Kwon Do.

2:00pm – Life Extension – A Natural Approach

Presented by: Dr. Amber Weingart

Amber's PhotoDr. Weingart will talk about natural approaches to support your body which will help improve immune, digestive, circulatory health and more! This guidance can help prevent diabetes, heart disease, and other debilitating illnesses. 


3:00PM – Fueling Your Body To Turn it Into the Miracle it was Designed To Be

Presented by: Lidy Flom & Amy Sauder

If you are tired, it’s because your cells are tired.  Finding the right fuel will make all the difference.  Lidy Flom has 35 years of experience bringing people from hopeless to vitality. When we nourish the body, it becomes the miracle it was designed to be.  You’ll be surprised at how much sense she makes as she gives you a tour of your cells and their function. You will find answers if: you battle cravings,  can’t button your favorite pants, eat a meal and still feel hungry, you HAVE to take naps to function, you aren’t regular, you don’t want another diet, you live to eat instead of eat to live. Finally, a system that makes sense and gets to the core of the cause!

4:00pm – Don’t Let a Fall Change Your Life Forever

Presented by: Joel Denney 

joel_denney-photoLet’s face it, no one likes to fall Falls can be embarrassing. Falls can be life changing. But we can reduce the risk of falls, while continuing to enjoy life. By focusing on things you should avoid, and activities you should start in order to reduce your risk of falling, you can maintain an active lifestyle as you age. Joel Denney and Nicole Rennie team up for this interactive seminar that helps give you the tools you need to live a safe, healthy life. You will learn how to avoid those activities that put you at greater risk of a fall, things you need to change around your home to reduce your risk of falls, and some simple exercises you can do (while in bed!) to increase your strength and decrease your fall risk. You won’t want to miss this must-see presentation!

Nicole Rennie is the Owner of Tandem Strength & Balance, a physical therapy company with a remarkable track record of improving the physical strength of their patients.

Joel Denney is the Executive Director and Owner of CareBuilders at Home, a home care company that focuses on providing quality home care, consistently.




Be here or be square! Visit the Longevity Expo and learn the time-honored, old-school dancing known as Square Dancing! Dee Scott and her dance club will walk you through, step-by-step, the basics of Square Dancing in a laid-back atmosphere. Beginners and experts welcome!



We’re excited to have the Back Road Kickers join us for this year’s Longevity Expo! They are the new hottest country line dance team in the Midwest region. Watch them perform to country , pop, hip hop with their unique style and footwork which make their shows fun and exciting!

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