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Live Well, Live Healthy

100's of Health Experts On Hand
With so many choices about health available where does the average person go to get accurate informative and helpful health advice? The Healthy Life Expo™. With over 180 unique exhibitors, 28 speakers on 2 stages and live entertainment featuring Michelle Dunkirk, Vicki Logan, Gina Citoli, Hanakia Zedek, Char Engen, John Hassinger, and "jAri". The Healthy Life Expo™ covers all facets of health. Everything from Fitness, Longevity and Wholeness, to Proper Nutrition and Massage Therapy, The Healthy Life Expo™ covers the entire spectrum of health and wellness under one roof.

Something for everyone
From meditation to working a workout into a busy day the speakers at the Healthy Life Expo™ offer advice that is useful and accessible to just about anyone. Its not just local experts featured, there are national health luminaries such as Dr. Lynne Eldridge M.D., author of "Avoiding Cancer One Day at a Time: Practical Advice for Preventing Cancer" and Wendie Pett author of "Every woman's guide to personal power" and her seminar "No Sweat! Working Workouts into Your Work Day" should offer great advice on how to overcome the every day obstacles that hinder a healthy lifestyle.

Affordable, Accessible, and Helpful
The Healthy Life Expo™ is an incredible health resource, with hundreds of experts and speakers all in one convenient open environment. If you have health question there will be a resource for you at the Healthy Life Expo™. At only $6.00/admission it's an incredible value for live entertainment, access to health professionals, as well as exposure to the cutting edge in what health is all about in today's hectic society. This is a unique opportunity not to be missed, so mark your calendars for Feb 2-3 at the Minneapolis convention Center. Live Well, Live Healthy, come to the Healthy Life Expo™.

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