Why be a Sponsor?

Sponsorship provides your company and staff the opportunity to be in the spotlight and positions you as an industry leader, leaving a strong impression of your brand in people’s minds. Your company not only gets optimum exposure on-site, but also during pre-show and post-show activities.

  • Build awareness to a local, statewide or
    national audience.
  • Reach and connect with your target audience
  • Receive additional exposure to potential buyers before, during and after the expo date(s).
Top 5 Reasons to Be a Sponsor:
1. Set Yourself Apart From Others in the Industry
2. Build Booth Traffic -
Resulting in Increased Sales
3. Boost Your Brand -
Increase Visibility and Recognition
4. Increase
Positive Customer Relations
Distinct/Exclusive Opportunities and Advantages

MediaMAX events and expos are a powerful way to reach targeted audiences nationally, regionally and locally through dynamic and highly visible events. Sponsorship in a MediaMAX event opens the door to year-long promotion opportunities across a full spectrum of media and sub-events.

In past events, this exposure resulted in millions of impressions.

MediaMAX promotes its events all year long, so you can jump on the promotional train anytime that suits your business schedule.

Multiple Event Options
Run the full year’s gamut of events and activities. Run with us on all our events in the areas of home, health and hospitality and the many other events in which we participate.

What are some Examples of what a sponsor gets?
• Pre-Show Exposure in Major Media (TV, Radio, Newspaper)
• On-Site Recognition
• Post-Show Leads and New Customers.
• Residual Recognition--
Sponsors are partners in the entire marketing of the event

Affiliate Cooperative Partnerships
You can get access to our highly protected network of vendors and exhibitors by working with us in synergy.


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