Mission Statement

Provide the highest value events for our Exhibitors and Attendees, facilitate impactful connections that last a lifetime, and lift up our communities through the work we do.

MediaMAX Team

“We’re committed to providing the highest value events for our exhibitors and attendees alike!”

Rick Martinek

Management - Team Manager

Since 1994, Rick Martinek has been creating and producing tradeshow events in the Twin Cities market. In 2000, Rick Joined MediaMAX Events & Expos, launching one of the most prolific tradeshow event companies in the Midwest. Today, Rick maintains his role on the Marketing of the company, overseeing each and every event. Outside of office hours, Rick enjoys running, weight training, bike riding, and martial arts. His is married and loves time with his nine grandchildren!

Favorite Quote

“Making the world a better place, one show at a time!”

Jim Holt

Management - Team Manager

Jim joined MediaMAX Events & Expos in the summer of 2012. He has played an integral role in the expansion of the company to it’s current twelve-shows-each-year size. Producing shows is a collaborative effort - as such, he assists Rick in the oversight of each and every event. After hours, Jim enjoys weight training, running, reading, and travel.


“The only easy day was yesterday.”

Our Promise

We will treat each and every show like it’s our first. Our hearts, souls, and pocketbooks are invested every time we host an event, as is our exhibitors’. Producing shows is all we do, and we do it well - it’s our livelihood and we take it serious!  We promise to provide each and every exhibitor with our utmost attention & care, whether it’s their first show with us or their 100th. We promise to create environments that are fun, informative, resourceful, and worthwhile for our attendees so they continue to attend year after year!

Lastly, we promise our commitment to the never-ending improvement & growth of MediaMAX Events & Expos.

Each and every event is promoted extensively, in a variety of mediums to ensure we’re reaching the RIGHT customers for YOU! Our promotions include: television, radio, major newspaper publications, online, direct mailers, coupon mailers, exclusive ticket distribution partners, and more. We’re known for reaching targeted attendees who are specifically looking to meet our exhibitors. Unlike other festivals, fairs, or events, our attendees are coming with the intention to do business with our exhibitors. We promise to advertise every single show to reach qualified and quality attendees that fit the niche our exhibitors are looking to meet face-to-face. This includes buyers who are actively seeking to make purchases as well as buyers who are in the geographical area that makes sense for our exhibitors.

MediaMAX Events & Expos has now produced and promoted over 150 exhibitions. But what does that actually mean? Produced and promoted means that the MediaMAX team has managed each and every event from conception to completion at every point. That’s right, MediaMAX manages the venue booking, the booth sales, the advertising design, the promotional purchases, the show layout/design, the move-in/move-out, ticket sales, customer service, and every-other in and out you can imagine! There’s a tremendous amount of work that goes into each and every show - but MediaMAX is there for their exhibitors and attendees every step of the way! They have the knowledge and experience to make your next event a success!

MediaMAX Events & Expos is available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm! They’re known for responding instantly to any questions or concerns! If you’d like to get in touch, simply email or call: (952)238-1700 or [email protected].

If this is your first event or 100th event with us and have a question regarding an upcoming show, MediaMAX is here to help! No questions is too big or too small. They understand that sometimes staffing/working a booth can seem a bit overwhelming. MediaMAX has the resources to help you along the way to ensure your next event is a big success! Additionally, they are available during all hours of every show for any customer service needs. They are often the first to arrive at the event and the last to leave. They are there for YOU!

If you’re not passionate about events, it’s unlikely your event will be a success. Many shows have come and gone in the Minneapolis market. Undoubtedly, this trend will likely continue forever. In most cases, new events are “one and done.” This is usually due to the fact that new show producers are unaware of the drive and commitment it takes to put on even one event. Be weary of new or seemingly “inexpensive” events as they usually promise everything but deliver very little. The MediaMAX team has been successfully producing and promotion shows since 1994. This spring, they just celebrated their 100th Home Improvement & Design Expo - which is more than any other show production company in Minnesota!

The MediaMAX team was born and raised in Minnesota, which is where they continue to live today. They know this show market in and out. When you hear from them, they’re not calling from some high-rise office in California or New York City. In fact, they maintain a humble office in St. Louis Park fit for two. Rick and Jim love Minnesota and the communities in which they host their events. A driving desire for both is to lift up each and every town through their events!