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FEBRUARY 2-3, 2007
Minneapolis Convention Center
1302 2nd St - Minneapolis, MN 55403



Michelle Dunkirk
SAT 12:00-1:45

Michelle is best known as a classically trained violinist and has studied through Julliard School of Music as well as in Indiana, England and Russia. She plays a variety of styles, from classical to blues to freelance improvisation flavored with an international eclectic flair. Michelle has performed in local and international venues in Merida, Guatemala, England, Peru and Egypt.





Gina Citoli
Member: HPSS Global
FRI 3:00-3:45

"Gina Citoli is an internationally recognized songwriter and singer. Her voice carries healing qualities and she is one of the consciousness raising messengers on our planet at this time. Gina combines her wisdom with music, vocals and humor to convey solutions for the challenges facing humanity". - Carolyn Vinup HPSS


Vicki Logan
FRI 4:00-4:45
SAT 2:00-2:45

Vicki Logan is a self-taught musician who composes instrumental music ranging in styles from blues and jazz to pop and rock, folk and celtic. Vicki has been compared to Yanni, Enya, Kenny G, Moby, Jethro Tull and a plethera of other artists. Over 1000 radio stations are airing her music worldwide and over 300 stations in Australia alone.



John Hassinger
FRI 5:00-5:45
SAT 3:00-3:45

Singer, songwriter from St. Paul Minnesota. John loves writing music and producing it in the studio. His first effort was 15 tracks on a cd called "Love is Alive" and then he produced another 15 on "In the Moonlight's Ray". They are a collection of feel good rock, with elements of folky, sometimes bluesy, and other times country flares.


Char Engen
FRI 6:00-6:45
SAT 4:00-4:45

Char Engen has been an acoustic performing musician since her early teens, and a songwriter for nearly as long. She performed with a folk/alt. trio in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Montana that was also featured on a live tour with Wisconsin Public Radio's "Simply Folk" show with Judy Rose. Recently completed recording her debut CD, "If You're Gonna Ask".


James and Ari
FRI 7:00-7:45

"jAri" is the duo of James and Ari. They have been performing together for sometime from Parties to Music Fests. In addition to performing on stage as vocalist, guitarist and pianist, they are very talented songwriters.

Listen to the Music of "jAri". James and Ari will perform their uplifting popular and original mix that will take your breath away. Brace yourself for the incredible sound of James on acoustics and the unbelievable Voice of Ari. Let them… "Set your Spirit Free."




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