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APRIL 25-26, 2009
Ames Arena
19900 Ipava Ave.
Lakeville, MN 55044
SAT 10am-5pm | SUN 10am-5pm

We are constantly looking for professionals in this area and industry that are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with our attendees. If you or someone you know would like to present an informational and educational talk at this EXPO, you can submit an application by calling (952) 238-1700 or by filling out this online FORM

NOTE: First priority is given to exhibiting businesses. (No "product pitches" or "infomercials", please.)

Buying a Home in Dakota County?

Don't Miss This!

2:00PM on BOTH Satuday and Sunday!

Tips & Tools for Dakota County
Homebuyers & Homeowners

DESCRIPTION: Tips and resources about low interest home improvement loans, weatherization grants, mortgage foreclosure prevention resources, downpayment assistance loans for purchasing bank-owned foreclosed properties that are available in Dakota County.

NAME of PRESENTERS: Dan Rogness & Melissa Taphorn, Dakota County Community Development Agency

BIOs of PRESENTERS: Dan Rogness is the Director of Community Revitalization at the Dakota County Community Development Agency (CDA) and Melissa Taphorn is the Assistant Director of Community Revitalization. They lead a staff of trained professionals in the CDA's Homeownership Connection services that provide resources to help homebuyers and homeowners in Dakota County be successful.

TOPIC_TITLE: Protect Your Stuff

DESCRIPTION: Demonstration of a unique notification system that is designed to protect any object you want protected.

NAME_of_PRESENTER: Mark Silveira


BIO_of_PRESENTER: Mark Silveria is educated in the area of Psychology and Counseling and has spoken on the subject in hundreds of occasions. Mark says, "When exposed to the technology I will be demonstrating what I thought it would be an amazing way to protect people and their belongings. Besides, the inventor of this device trully cares about people."


It's FauxEasyNow!

Come, watch, listen and learn
how easy Faux Finishing can be!

Featuring: Rip, Dip, and Stick

Now you can change a dull room in your house into an elegant masterpiece. Become a master of Faux finish with three simple steps. Rip - Dip - Stick."



TOPIC_TITLE: “Everything You Need to Know about Windows”

TIME: 12:00 Noon BOTH Saturday and Sunday

DESCRIPTION: What to look for when buying a quality window. There are different kinds of window replacements.

Learn About:

· Full frame replacement vs. insert replacement
· Wood vs. vinyl and composite windows

John will go through various components of a window and the latest technologies, and what windows are best for our Minnesota climate. He will advise what windows work best for your home.

This presentation is not a promotion for one particular product, but covers a complete range of window products and installation applications.

NAME_of_PRESENTER: John Kooiman

BIO_of_PRESENTER: John Kooiman- Sales professional who has spent 20 years working in the home improvement business. Hegives window and siding seminars at home shows and on local cable tv. He has been a member in the development of products and services for major manufactures. John is one of the most trusted sales persons in the home improvement business.



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