Welcome to our Landscaping Page. Here we offer a brief introduction to the types of landscape ideas that you can discover at the Home Improvement and Design Expo. Whether you're looking for front yard or backyard landscaping ideas, finding help to landscape with natural stone, or looking for a source for landscaping blocks, gravel, or bricks, the Home Design Expo is the place to visit in the Twin Cities.

Need a few backyard landscaping ideas?

Is your backyard heavily shaded? Do you like the comfort of a warm fire? Then maybe a patio formed of flagstone or even landscaping bricks surrounding a fire pit, accented by shade-tolerant plants and shrubs would work for you.

Does your backyard slope steeply? Maybe cutting away some of that slope, and putting in a landscape retaining wall using landscape blocks or natural stone will give you room for the patio, pool, or lawn that you've wanted. If you landscape with natural stone you can gain a rustic, more natural setting. A tiered wall can also act as a row of stepped plant beds, letting you plant layers of plants to gain a distance effect.

Do you enjoy a deck, but also love the idea of garden area? Try this landscaping idea. Connect the garden and the deck with stone paths and small patios. Set a few landscape boulders at convenient accent points and place comfortable benches at the edges of the patios. Surround these areas of quiet solitude with shrubs and flowers. Create vertical plantings using two or three levels of plantings to reduce the impact of the deck and transform it into a pleasing backdrop for your garden.

Do you have an area with a great lakeside view that you'd love to use for family time and entertaining? Here's a landscape idea: Create a two-level patio with landscape stones and flower beds separating the two. If you prefer the landscaping blocks look, you can skip the stone and instead have a raised bed appearance. If you have a nice breeze blowing off a lake, you may want to install a pergola two help transform smoothly from the house to the patios. Otherwise, you might want something similar that you can drop mosquito netting if desired.

Does your backyard front on a wetland or include low-lying wet areas? You may wish to develop a landscape design that capitalizes on and develops the natural beauty of those features. You could excavate out the wet areas into a small pond. Position some landscape boulders around the edge, and perhaps around a small island. Research natural wetland plants for placement around and in the water. A landscaping bridge could be the finishing touch!

How do you find an expert that can help you realize your dream?

The Home Improvement and Design Expo is held several times a year in the Twin Cities region at different locations for your convenience. Many experts may be found at the show, along with plenty of examples of their work. Please come by and see why this show is one of the premier home shows in the Twin Cities!

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