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Submit Your Speaker/Demo Topic

Please submit your speaker and/or demo topic information in the fields, to the right. Be sure to complete all fields so that we can accurately highlight you! We ask that all seminars and/or demos are educational, relevant, and non-sales orientated. Our attendees are looking to be informed and want to learn from the experts, like you. This is a great opportunity to get in front of a captive audience and build yourself as an authority in your industry.

Speaking is completely FREE for participating exhibitors. We only allow participating exhibitors the opportunity to speak/demo. All speakers are included in our BONUS promotions, such as inclusions on speaker posters, attendees flyers, Star Tribune/Pioneer Press Insert Programs (when used), website, Social Media, and email blasts (20,000+ subscribers).

All speaking times are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Speakers will run every hour, on the hour. This amounts to 6 speakers per day for the Home Improvement & Design Expos and Longevity Expos; And 18 speakers per day for the Healthy Life Expo.

The full name of the individual giving the seminar/demo
Use a catchy title to make a bigger impact!
Describe what the seminar and/or demo is about.

*Items Included For Speakers/Demos

For all presentations and demonstrations, we will provide: Sound system with microphone, projector screen, outlet for up to 3 plug-ins, and table.

We do not provide: laptop computers, computer projectors, Audio or video cables.

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